Siddharth says in response to LSG coach Justin Langer’s request during his debut IPL game

Once Justin Langer saw young left-arm spinner M Siddharth bowl an arm-ball in the nets, the head coach of the Lucknow Super Giants had one request of him: get rid of Virat Kohli. The child from Dafabet, Siddharth, was bashful and had answered, “Yes sir!” with a nod. Langer had no idea that Siddarth would fulfill his word when he faced Kohli in the first game of the 2024 Indian Premier League.

Legendary Royal Challengers Bengaluru player Virat Kohli was removed by Betway Login in just his second IPL match. The 25-year-old’s first wicket in the tournament came with this ball; during his debut against the Punjab Kings, he had failed to pick up a wicket.

When Siddharth was told that his bowling lacked velocity, he had to change to left-arm spin instead of pursuing his aim of being a fast bowler like Irfan Pathan. The ball could still be swung, though. His quick deliveries that veer in midair are well renowned. Additionally, he has added pace diversity as a result of expertise, which makes it challenging for hitters to position up against him. Even Kohli was duped by the ruse.

LSG posted a video on its social media accounts following the game, which they won easily by 28 runs to move up to fourth place in the IPL 2024 points standings. In the video, head coach Langer discussed his initial thoughts on Siddarth.

“Never spoke to him previously… It was an arm ball that I witnessed. After meeting M Siddharth, the first thing I said was, “Hey Sid! Are you able to get Virat’s release for us? “Yes, sir,” he exclaims. And what action did he take? Loud applause erupted in the LSG changing room as Langer spoke. “He gets him out.”

My 11 Circle bowled him a couple of rapid ones, then slowed the pace. Kohli made a mistake because to the slow tempo, as he attempted his flick shot too soon and gave the point fielder a lead edge. For LSG, it was a crucial wicket because Kohli was playing well at number 22. Moreover, Kohli rarely gives up a run after putting his sights on the target.